Where can you see us?
Well if you’re lucky like us you see us all together at least once a week, unfortunately we have a limited schedule of live performances. We can only take so much rotten cabbage being thrown at us before we have to pack it in for the night. Most clubs nowadays have done away with the chicken wire around the stage area that keeps the band safe and sound regardless of the behavior of the bar’s occupants.

Ah the good ol’ days…….


Stay tuned! Lots of cool things planned for 2014!


November 2nd - Petaluma Farmer's Market
August 7th 2013 - Petaluma Farmer's Market
November 8th 2012 - Canyon Manor
November 7th 2012 - Harvest Christian School
November 3rd 2012- Petaluma Farmer's Market
October 24th 2012 - Center Point Rehab
August 22nd 2012 - Petaluma Farmer's Market
March 14th - Canyon Manor
November 2nd 2011- Harvest Christian School
October 22nd 2011- Private party in Petaluma, CA
October 8th 2011 - Private party - The Peg House - Leggett, CA
October 5th 2011 - Harvest Christian School
August 24th 2011 - Petaluma Farmer's Market
August 13th 2011 - Petaluma Farmer's Market
March 27th 2011 Harvest School Fundraiser - Petaluma
March 12th 2011 Sonoma Juvenile Hall
December 2010 - Homeless & Hurting - Petaluma
Nov 17th 2010 Center Point Rehab
August 29th 2010 - NADY Estate with Bread & Roses
March 6th 2010 Sonoma Juvenile Hall
Jan 23rd 2009 LaHonda Hospital in SF
Oct 31st - 2009 Halleck Creek Ranch
Oct 26th 2009 11pm Emeryville - Video
Sept 4th 2009 (Private Party)
May 3rd 2009 Moquete benefit at Casa Grande High School



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