Na, we're just common folk, this is more like rantings........

I think I speak for the entire band (Mark speaking, or typing actually) when I say that we believe that God gave music to all of us to enjoy. We also strongly believe that everyone has been given talents that they should share with their community.

Some folks are blue collar, some are white collar, and each have thier special gift. We're musicians so we hardly ever have any kind of collar....lot's of times we don't even have sleeves, but it is our goal to share this thing called music that we love.

We started jamming together just for fun. Some people like to golf, others like to play parcheesi...we like to pick and pluck strings. It occured to us that instead of just keeping this jamming thing under lock & key we could go out into the community, and use our music to bless people less fortunate that us. (In my opinion anyone who likes golf more than guitars is very unfortunate.)

We encourage you to get out there and do something positive in your neighboorhood. We guarantee that you will get even more out of it then the people you are serving.



Deep Thought...
Sometimes I sit and think to myself, "how can I change the world with just this guitar?" Other times I just fixate on grooming my moustache.

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