Jason - Executive V.P. of Tiny Noises

Where were you born?
Oxnard, California

What was your first musical instrument? Trumpet

If you could only have 3 CDs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be? 
1. Chris Thile "How to Grow a Woman from the Ground" 
2. the Cure "Disintegration" 
3. Ryan Adams "Cold Roses"

What’s your favorite food? Pasta of all types

Name 3 adjectives that describe you:  Obsessive, Encouraging, Musical

What’s your favorite movie?  "Nacho Libre"

Who are your favorite musicians?  David Gilmour, Chris Thile, Zach Vestnys, Ryan Adams, Conor Oberest, Robert Smith, Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Matt Pryor, Sara Watkins, Bob Marley, Tom Dumont, Jerry Douglas, the Edge, Nels Cline

Who do you think is the greatest band of all time? 
U2 (Still rockin' for over 30 years with no personnel changes!)

What music are you currently listening to?  Country and Rock n Roll


Jason makes the mandolin and various ukes sing. He takes care of all the treble in the band.....except when he pulls out his guitar and then he can fill up any nook and cranny with picking, slide, or whatever it takes to make the songs sound great.

Friends of the band:

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