We're not too hung up on who is with the band. If you have a kazoo and are within shouting distance of us at a gig, you are in the band!

At a few of our gigs we all couldn't make it and we had some fun and daring stunt doubles jump in for us. The list has been small, but the more shows we do the more this is bound to happen. Thanks to the following folks for jumping in last minute to make a gig happen:

  • Sean Millard

  • Jason Reese

  • John Marks

  • Nick Cafiero

  • Massimo Milazzo

  • Spike Sikes

Guest artists are usually refered to as "Part-Time Smashed Banjoists," which can lead to some confusion. The fact is we didn't hire them, they just showed up.


The usual buffoons could be replaced by equal or superior buffoons at anytime. Enter shows at your own risk.

Friends of the band:

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