The main ingredients in the weird stew that is the Smashing Banjos is equal parts of these three spices:

Hey, do you guys hate banjos?
No, banjos don’t kill people…..banjoists kill people. (just kidding)
The name comes from the fact that early in the 20th century the guitar as we know it almost completely faded into history. It couldn’t be heard over the orchestra, and had been replaced by the banjo which was a much more cutting instrument that could jump out into the limelight. Many of the guitar manufacturers of the time closed shop, and if it wasn’t for the invention of louder guitars we figure that Pete Townsend would have ended up smashing banjos. So if there is a parallel universe where the electric guitar somehow got missed we figure that their Jimi Hendrix is burning a banjo with lighter fluid while their Jimmy Page has a double neck banjo that he plays with a bow.

This all is conjecture of course; it is not scientifically proven fact.

Be prepared to run!
Mark can sing out of tune in 12 different languages including New Yawka. Look what his warbling did to Jason in this photo! You have been warned!

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